“Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Or do.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Or do.

Have you ever heard: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? I bet you have. People only say that because the truth is, everyone judges a book by its cover!

Even if you have written the best story ever, it will never become a bestseller with a bad cover. Your book’s cover design will tell your potential readers if your book is professionally made and worth their time. The cover is your number one marketing tool, so even if you are on a low budget, I suggest hiring a professional graphic designer. If you have design experience, then good for you! Luckily, I had experience, so I designed REPUGNO’s cover on my own.
The cover is super important. It has to send a clear message to your readers, and tell some basic things about your novel. For example: What genre is this book? Is it fiction or nonfiction? What is it about? And most importantly: is it professionally created or just thrown together?
If you have the money to hire a professional designer, I highly recommend doing that. It is worth it!
If not, and you design your book for yourself, I suggest using Adobe Photoshop, but you have a few other options: Canva, Book Brush, DIY Book Covers, or Vexels.
In this case, you also have to find good images. There are plenty of sites from where you can download pics for free, but keep in mind: the image should trigger emotional reactions when people look at it, and it is better if it is not a mix of too many colors and also not too busy.
And now that I mentioned the colors: 2 maximum 3 should be enough to help create the mood and the message you want to send.
The typography is also not something you can forget about. It is essential for reinforcing the book’s genre, conveying your message, and, of course, invoking emotions.

The secrets of REPUGNO’s cover (no spoiler!):
Personally, when I designed REPUGNO’s cover, I wanted it to be simple that tell straight away, what is the book about. So I chose important objects from the story: the red velvet sheet appears in the book many times, has meanings, gives a perfect background, and also provides the main color.
The other object I chose was the Colt with the silver dragon motif and the graved word “Colt”. It is THE OBJECT in the story, which tells a lot.

“Until he mentioned it, I had no idea that my name contained the Latin word “draco,” which means dragon. I also wondered about the duality of the dragon symbol, thinking back on my life, and yes, duality had always been present. Now, more than ever…” – Phaedra Colt – Repugno

You see? Nothing on the cover is there by accident. ?

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