Phaedra Colt novels – The night when William bit young Phaedra

Phaedra Colt novels – The night when William bit young Phaedra

* SPOILER * This short novella is only for those who had read Repugno!

In the first book, Repugno, everything has changed for Phaedra when she found out that William bit her when she was a child. Here’s the story from the vampire’s point of view.

So here we go…

William Pyer stood frozen in the shade of a tree, blending into the darkness with his black clothing. Everything was quiet, there wasn’t a single soul, not even a stray cat on the streets. Almost everybody was sleeping.
It had been an hour since William didn’t move, as if time had stopped. He fixed his green gaze on a suburban house across the street and watched the downstairs window with unbroken perseverance. At first glance there was nothing special about the house, it looked completely average, like the others in the neighborhood. This didn’t surprise the vampire, understandably, the night hunters wanted to blend into the world of humans with their showcase lives, but he expected more caution from them.
Especially from Henry Colt.
His eyes rested on one of the windows with the lights on: behind the white curtain, a slim woman was preparing early breakfast for her five-year-old daughter.
“How much longer are we waiting?” A voice sounded impatient behind him. A tall, thin woman emerged out of the darkness as if she had come out of nowhere, but William didn’t even flinch.
“Only Deva and her daughter are home, Henry is not there yet.”William looked up at the sky. Dawn was getting closer, he could feel it in his bones.
“And?” She looked at him uncomprehendingly. She had the same green eyes, pale skin, and black hair as William had.
“And what?”
“There’s nothing sweeter than revenge, and the crueler the revenge is, the sweeter it tastes. Why would we kill them all at once if we could kill them one by one, starting with Deva there? That wretched cunt killed our mother!”
“I am aware of that, Kyla.” He said annoyed.
“Well, then? We finally found them, let’s do this in a proper way.”William didn’t need much of a push. He hated Henry more than anything in the world, longing for nothing but to make him suffer for killing their father.
“Alright, however, I am worried, it seems too simple. I do not sense any trap.”
“Because the idiots thought they could hide from us, and we wouldn’t find them!”
“I do not consider Henry so irresponsible.”
“Oh, William, enough! I’ll go ahead then if you’re such a pussy!”And with that, Kyla glided across the road in her black dress, through the yard, stopped at the front door, and turned around theatrically, spreading her hands like a swan’s wings.
William appeared next to her and rang the doorbell. They heard that the tap was closed in the kitchen and then steps were coming towards the door, which then stopped. They heard Deva’s heartbeat accelerate, they felt how close she was to the door, and when she got close enough to the peephole, Kyla simply kicked the door, which flew a few meters down the hall with the woman.
The bloodsuckers walked into the house.
„Hello, Deva, what’s up? We didn’t bring a gift basket, I hope it’s okay.” Kyla marched confidently to the door, grabbed it, and turned it away from her enemy, leaning it against the wall. Deva coughed and rolled on her side, her head was bleeding. „What’s wrong, honey, does something hurt?” She grabbed her neck. „Wait, let me help.” She lifted Deva off the floor, who, in that moment, produced a silver dagger from somewhere, and stabbed the vamp in the side. With a painful scream, Kyla let go of the night hunter.
“Hi Kyla,” she spun the weapon in her hand, half laughing, half gasping for air. “Don’t worry about the gift basket, I guess your mother didn’t teach you manners. No prob, she can still teach… oh, wait, no, she can’t because I killed her!” She managed to upset Kyla, who shot straight out blindly in rage, but Deva picked up a vase from the table in the hallway and slammed it into her, causing the vamp’s skin to start sizzling.
“Holy water, bitch!” She threw the knife towards William who easily avoided it, but this gave her enough time to hurry into the kitchen, pick up his blond-haired daughter from the chair, and run away with her.
„William, what are you doing?!” Kyla shouted, her skin burned, and her head was literally smoking, but she also slowly started to heal. „Get them!”
The vampire hurried after them and caught them in the bedroom.
He didn’t feel the same anger and hatred against Deva that his sister felt. He never loved his mother too much, so to a certain extent, he understood why his father had cheated on her. He just didn’t understand why with Deva? What did he see in her? In a human? In a night hunter! Why did he bite her? Why did he start the transformation?
He wanted answers to these questions rather than revenge. At least on Deva. He did want revenge on Henry. Henry and Henry alone killed his father.
Deva put her daughter on the bed and then quickly turned around protectively.
“William, please…” she begged.”I understand you want revenge, but spare Phaedra, please! Your father had never wanted her to get hurt!”She was really beautiful for sure: she had long, wavy blond hair, light blue eyes, and attractive curves. But that would have meant little for his father. Deva must be unique.
“I am starting to think I never knew my father too well.”
“That’s what all kids think. We can never really know our parents.”
“Why did he choose you?” he changed the subject. He stared at her for a moment, he thought he won’t get an answer, that Deva would be reluctant to talk about their relationship, but she wasn’t.
Her expression was sad, and she looked at him with teary eyes.
“There was something special between us. It’s hard to explain. At first, I was angry, of course, because he was a vampire and I was hunting him! Then he kidnapped me, and… I don’t know maybe I had Stockholm syndrome, but I realized that he’s not evil and not everything is black and white. He was a sensitive being, he had deep thoughts and emotions. He was not a monster. Besides, he paid attention to me, I finally felt like I existed, I mattered – not like with Henry, for whom hunting always comes first, and everything else is secondary” Her voice was full of bitterness.
“Alright, but this is your part. What did he see in you?” he started to lose his patience.
“I don’t know.” She looked honest. “We were on the same wavelength, we could talk about anything, he dared to tell me anything. I made him laugh, and he said he could be himself with me. From the time I was captured, the more time we spent together, the more… ” Out of nowhere Kyla appeared behind Deva, pulled her head back, and ripped her throat out.
“No!” William shouted, but by then his sister was already drinking Deva’s blood.
As soon as the woman’s heart beat the last one, Kyla let her go. The corpse fell to the ground.
“No? What no?” she wondered.
“I wanted to know more about her and our father!”
“Who cares? That’s not why we’re here! Pull yourself together!” William stepped forward, grabbed his sister’s throat, and nailed her to the wall.
“Just because I keep you on a long leash and I forgive you a lot and because I let you speak your mind I do not tolerate everything!” he hissed. “You should not have killed Deva yet, be glad I do not break all your bones now for it!” He squeezed the vamp’s throat with such force she began to fear that he would rip her head off. “Remember, Kyla, I am much stronger than you, and you are not the boss, you do not command me!. Never forget your place!” He let go.
“What about the girl?” The vamp asked hoarsely.
Phaedra was lying on the floor next to her mom, gently holding her hand. William picked her up and carefully sat her on the bed. Half of her face was covered in blood, her eyes were gleaming from tears, but she said nothing.
“Kill her! Deva’s death will crush Henry, but not as much as the girl’s!”She made sense.
William looked into Phaedra’s innocent blue eyes and hesitated. He couldn’t explain it to himself either, but he didn’t want to kill the child. Instead, he rolled up the sleeve of her purple dress, put a spell on her without a word, then bit her arm. Phaedra’s blood tasted delicious, clean, and sweet.
“What are you doing?” Kyla hurried over, hoping for a bite.
“I marked her, so we will know where Henry will be. We have to leave now, it is dawn already.” He pricked his finger with his canine and spread the blood on the girl’s lip.”Lick it.” The child silently obeyed.
Out of the blue, something broke the window, and Kyla groaned and stumbled. William spun around and pushed her into cover. An arrow projected from his sister, only an inch from her heart.
“Night hunters!” He sniffed the air. Excited beats of half a dozen hearts filled the house, and there were several more outside in the garden. Kyla pulled out the arrow.
“Fuck! Deva somehow alarmed them! We have to go!”
“Come on, Kyla, we can kill them easily.” He smiled at the vamp’s expression.”Who’s the chicken now?”William was aware of his power, he knew that he could take them down one by one, even completely alone.
“Dawn is breaking,” said the vamp worried.
“It will take only a few minutes,” William assured her, smiling wickedly.
“Fine” she accepted reluctantly but was not happy about the idea.
It wasn’t an easy ride because the night hunters fought hard, but killing them was perfect for William to blow off some steam. He was still upset about Kyla killing Deva before he got his answers, but that ship has sailed.
The fight ended in the living room, with no night hunters left standing.
“It was fun! I thought after I killed Deva this night couldn’t be better, but killing so many night hunters is a great feeling!” William didn’t share his sister’s happiness. He felt empty.
He remembered the little girl.
He hurried upstairs, but the child was no longer in the bedroom. Someone must have taken her. He tried to sense her, but nothing.
“Where the hell is she?” Kyla asked angrily.
“I do not know, and worse, I do not even feel her!”
“What? But you bit her! How’s this possible?”
“No clue. We have to go, the sun is coming up.”
“William…” But he disappeared. He had to wait for seventeen years to see Phaedra again.

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