REPUGNO · Phaedra Colt (English)

Did you also know that becoming a vampire requires a bloodsucker to bite you, drink your blood, and then you have to die? Yeah, that’s what I thought as well. Though, I didn’t have a lot of information about them, since I’ve never been interested in supernatural things. And then one night, I missed the metro home, and now I know that the reality from fairy tales sucks more…


If you wake up the day after a one-night stand with a bite mark on your neck, it’s both good and bad news. Good, because that doesn’t mean you’re a vampire, but bad because you’re on your way to becoming one. And who would want to be a bloodsucker? Phaedra Colt certainly doesn’t, so when the man she’s become infatuated with, tells her that he wants to turn her, she decides to join the night hunters in Brightmore to kill him. She just needs to be strong enough to resist him and avoid the other bites.


2490 HUF

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