But what is “REPUGNO”?

But what is “REPUGNO”?

Giving a title to a book is one of the toughest things a writer has to face.

At the age of 18, when I started writing this book, I confess, it wasn’t REPUGNO the title of the book. It was originally called “Transformation.” However, just like a thousand other things, I eventually changed the title as well. “Transformation” felt formulaic, boring, and if I were a reader, I would just shrug my shoulders uninterested. I wanted something special, something unusual, even if whenever someone hears this Latin word, they frown.
– Repugno? Do you eat or drink it?
Well, none of them.
In addition, to make sure that nothing gets simple in the future, the other soon-to-be-published volumes have Latin titles as well.

Back to REPUGNO: one of the meanings of the word is “to contend against”. Knowing the plot of the novel, I don’t think I could have found a more apt title. The book is about the fight of Phaedra, the protagonist, from the beginning ‘til the end. She not just has to deal with supernatural beings, vampires, zombies and werewolves but also with the demon that breeds in her, slowly overgrown her, and constantly tempts her to William, the vampire. After all, as Yong (the head of the night hunters of Brightmore) said:

“Vampires have a profound effect on humans, they are capable of compelling them. This is likely what happened to you. William had you in his sway. This ability of theirs decreases with each bite. The more times he bites you, that is, the more infected you become, the less he will be able to influence your human side. At the same time, the demon inside you grows stronger and becomes more attracted to him. This is where everything takes a turn. Is the person strong enough to resist the demon and the vampire attempting to draw them over to their side?”

You can get the answer at the end of the book. ?

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