Do you like fun fantasy stories, but you’re bored with basic vampire romance books, and do you want to read something new? Then join me in a world where you can see the vampires the way you have never seen before!

I’ve always loved sexy vampires and bloody vampire stories, but there were some things I couldn’t agree on. Yeah, yeah, I know, they don’t exist, so basically anything can be possible. But still. Some things about them just had no sense to me.
Normally a vampire bites the person, sucks dry, drinks his blood, the human dies, then rises from the dead and voilà, he’s a vampire, right?  I’ve always found it odd.

So how do I imagine it?

In my book, the point of the long process of becoming a vampire is to let the demon defeat the human part in a person. The vampire must bite the person several times, and after each bite, the human becomes more infected and slowly turns into a vampire. It has certain levels, but no spoilers!
So this is what my main protagonist is fighting against.

At the beginning of the book, Phaedra Colt lives a basic, normal life: university, friends, parties, she even has a boyfriend nobody likes. Then one fateful night she meets a mysterious man and she is drawn to him. When she finds out that he is a vampire, it’s still not too late to turn back and forget what’s happened, forget about him, forget about vampires even exist. Or is it?
Phaedra doesn’t want to turn into a monster so she joins the hunters of Brightmore, takes up the gauntlet, and fights back.
But is she strong enough, or the demon inside her and her love for the vampire will win in the end?

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