Types of Characters in Repugno

Types of Characters in Repugno

Like in every fantasy novel, there are defining types of characters in Repugno as well.

Phaedra – The protagonist. She’s the central figure and the storyteller of the novel. We can read the story and follow her character’s development (or rather her change) from her point of view.

William – Phaedra’s love. The relationship between them causes a high percentage of conflicts and problems. From the moment they get to know each other, all the protagonist’s actions are motivated by love for Will (or, precisely, getting rid of him).

Blaise – The sidekick. Although he only appears close to the end of the novel, he does have a huge impact on the protagonist. Although they are not guided by the same goals, at the most important moments he is there for her, helping, supporting, and defending her.

Diana – The Confidant. She’s the best friend of the protagonist, who she can always turn to for advice, who never sugarcoat things, is always honest with her, and shows her a mirror.

Yong – The Guide. He trains and teaches the protagonist and tries to protect her, often from herself.

Kyla and Miyako – The Antagonists. They are driven by different interests, but both are contrary to the interests of the main character. If Phaedra is not looking for or creating the conflict (even Phaedra could be called antagonist, because she is often her own worst enemy), they are the ones who cause the complications.

Henry – The Contagonist. His character can’t be said to be evil at all, in fact! Still, his intentions run counter to the protagonist.

So they are the main types of characters in REPUGNO. πŸ™‚
And personally who is my favorite? It may come as a surprise, but it’s not Phaedra.

types of characters in REPUGNO

Blaise is my absolute fave, so no surprise that he’ll have an even more prominent role in volume two! πŸ™‚

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