Top 5 best vampire movies

Top 5 best vampire movies

These vampire movies are my personal favorites, and they probably formed my thinking about the creatures of the night and motivated me to write stories about them too.

Queen of the Damned (2002)

I think I fell in love with vampires after this movie. I can’t remember, how old I was when I’ve first seen Queen of the Damned, but it left a deep impression on me. It is so sexy, mesmerizing, dark, all the music is amazing, I still often listen to the playlist. And, of course, I could relate to the human Jesse (Marguerite Moreau) who fell for the mysterious and handsome vampire, Lestat (Stuart Townsend).

Underworld (2003)

This exciting vampire movie is important for me for more reasons. I was also quite young when I first saw Underworld, and Selene (Kate Beckinsale) became a role model for me: firstly she is a sexy, strong, fearless, badass woman vampire, who is finally not an irritating bitch. Secondly, I do fear werewolves, and these lycans give me the creeps! Finally, I love the ambiance and the dresses too! 😀
The rest of the Underworld movies are also worth a shot to watch! 😉

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

This was the first vampire movie I’ve seen, so for me, this is “the classical Dracula”. Great casting, and maybe it is an old film but still gives me the chills.

Interview with the Vampire (1994)

I know, another vampire movie based on Anne Rice’s novel but she’s simply just an amazing writer! So here’s a captivating story and thanks to the fantastic cast, Interview with the Vampire is iconic, “I can watch it any time” movie for sure!

Blade (1998)

A lone wolf in leather, not the man of words, half-man, half-human: Blade is definitely an interesting and cool character! Just like Underworld, this vampire movie is full of action too. And sue me, but I also liked the other two Blade movies. 😀

Write in a comment which vampire movies are your faves.
About my favorite vampire series, I wrote here.
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